Individual Sessions, Integrated Courses & Birthday Parties for Under 17's


Under 17 Driving Lessons

The EXL Young Driver Centre provides young people from a wide range of ages the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a dual controlled car with an instructor in a safe environment. Whether you are looking for a one off experience for a car mad teenager or looking to book a series of sessions in anticipation of turning 17, our Under 17 driving lessons provide the perfect solution.

Excellent from booking to driving.I would recommend this to budding drivers of all ages as it really helps to grow confidence in not only road awareness, but also the controls of the car and I really enjoyed it too. I am definately going again.
— K. Fox


EXL Driving School offer theory training courses, sessions are run at regular intervals so you can attend a series of sessions, covering a wide range of subjects, aimed at preparing you for the theory test. Whether you want to learn before you turn 17 to give yourself a head start or are struggling with the syllabus, our sessions are designed to prepare you for all aspects of the test.   


integrated Driving Pacakges

If you are 16 and keen to pass your test as quickly as possible once you turn 17, we offer a complete package. Combining our Under 17 driving course with theory training prior to turning 17 as well as on road lessons, in the same car once you are able to get on the road, provides one of the quickest and most successful ways to gain a full driving licence in the shortest time. Unlike traditional Intensive courses which place pressure on the learner to "keep up" with the timetable set by the course, our under 17 driving lessons ensure that you have great basic skills prior to the on road training. Our theory training can be taken prior to your 17th birthday preparing you to take the test as soon as you turn 17.



Birthday Parties & Groups

Looking for a new idea for a Birthday party? We can tailor a package to suit both small and large groups with one to one driving in a dual controlled car and exclusive use of the whole site for larger groups.

We also provide group bookings for schools and charities and specialise in driving experiences for people who may never be able to drive "on the road" including a specially adapted disability tuition car. 

It was my 12th Birthday todayand I had an hours driving lesson party for me and 4 friends.It was Awesome!! Driving around and seeing my friends driving at the same time was brilliant. I have had the best Birthday party ever... Thank you!!
— K. Dickson