Over 50 Years of Road Safety Education


The Road Safety Centre, Harlow

The EXL Under 17 driver training program is based at a dedicated Road Safety Training site in Harlow, Essex with over 50 years of history in training road users to stay safe. Now the EXL Young Driver Centre, the site has helped train motorcyclists, cyclists and drivers from all over Essex and Hertfordshire.

A complete road layout offers an opportunity to drive cars just as they are on the public highway in a safe environment. The site has a pedestrian crossing, junctions and roundabout as well as car park enabling drivers to experience many of the aspects of driving that they will deal with "on the road".

Whether you are not able to learn on the road yet due to being too young or are unlikely ever to be able to gain a full licence, our site offers the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a car.

My Son just had his first driving lesson and really enjoyed it. Would highly recommend this!
— S. Marriott

Our site & Services

  • Full road layout including junctions and a roundabout.
  • Areas to practice the manoeuvres.
  • Learning in an environment safe for new drivers.
  • Pass your test quicker with the ability to start lessons prior to your 17th Birthday.
  • Theory Courses run on Saturdays . 
  • Fast Pass Integrated Young Driver, Theory and Driving Lessons.